Calendula Chin “Cookies”


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A great treat alternative! These crispy treats only contain 4 ingredients, Water, ground Buckeye Chinchilla Pellets, Hay(Alfalfa&Timothy), & our Calendula Flowers; which makes these an amazing way to treat you furbabies. Even though all of these can be part of your chins diet and safe, please still feed in moderation!

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We wish we could give you a count on how many are in each bag but this is why: due to the hay stalks that are in the cookies, they are impossible to “cut” before baking. After baking we simply break them apart, so each cookie is very unique, some small, some larger, and not one perfect shape. We take a 3×4 bag and put in the cookies until it is full but still zip shut.

Storage Directions: When the cookies arrive the bag will be sealed, please, immediately open the bag and store in a cool, dry spot, with the bag OPEN so that moisture and mold do not become a problem.

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